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Hold On

Don't be afraid I'm here to stay.

Summer is here and has been for awhile now. The heat is bearable this year and I'm staying at home for the whole excursion from the educational building. No staying in Louisville, this year. :( I am deeply saddened by this. I wish I could have had the same opporunity I did this time last year. Granted I am staying in shape and keeping thin. But I miss my old and newly made friends in Louisville.

Coming back from the Mystery Ramble, I brought back many new experiences as well as a few new friends. The people down there are the greatest I know. I love them all to death. I first was a bit initimidated of this trip just going for something and not knowing what to expect. But once I saw Leah's red hair hanging out the Tank, relief and relaxation fell over me. I knew the people I knew last year hadn't changed and adding more to the group didn't harm the chemistry.

I'm glad I came off with a better reputation than I did last year. The new youngins were their own people. They were themselves and didn't really harness anything in. Judging people you have no idea who they are will get you nowhere. I learned that this year. I wish I could move down to L-town. But I know they are only a phone call away. Soon I can drive down there. My parents should be more willing in due time.

But move up and over and back to B-town, it's still the same small town. The small festivals spotted throughout the town, kids skating their way down to the antique store, and people bouncing a ball at the courts. You still feel the small town homeiness and welcome here. I doubt that will ever go away. People will come and go, but it's still the same small town. I doubt you'll find one like it within the U.S.

My creative and descriptive writing juices are leaving my mind wafting to my stomach leaving an empty spot I want to fill with food.


So Contagious

Oh no.

School's starting up tomorrow. Here we go back to waking up at 6:15 going into a day in, day out routine. Everyone will have to be jealous. [NOT] It's going to be rough. But since public school is my only social life, I'm sure I'll enjoy it somewhat for the sole reason. I have the most boring life in the world, I guarantee it. I just want to go out every once and awhile and I would be perfectly happy. But I don't see that happening anytime soon. At least till May.

My nephews were here today. I wanted to pull my hair out. I think my sister owes me big time for pretty much watching them while she did what she wanted. Whatever. I drove her little go-kart car up. It was fun. But those twins are the reason why I don't want kids. I love them to death, but they're just super hyper all the time. Those little bludgers can ware you out.

Basketball is going pretty good. We're 5-3. Tusky Valley girls haven't done that well since who knows. The games we have lost haven't been blow outs either, so that's another good sign. We lost to Strasburg yesterday by 3. I had 11 points, plus I fouled out. But I thought I did pretty good. Too bad our team can make the dumbest decisions at the worst times. Whatever, its done, its over with.

We built a desk and chair last night till about midnight. So I might be writing some more now since I feel like I have room. It's great. It's so much more organized as well as spacious. So our living room is a part living room, part computer room somewhat, it still looks great. A bit more studious.

Me and Stephen have broken up. I more so broke up with him. We started talking again and I wished we hadn't. It's made it 10 times worse and I was completely fine with it for the longest time too. I wish I could get back together with him, but it still would never work out or it would be super hard. He has a girlfriend, but he has her doubts about her now and I know it's because of me. I really want him to stay with her though so that he can have someone down there for him. It's for the best, I think.

Goodnight loves.
Keep me hanging on so contagiously


This long weekend is great. I love it!

We celebrated Thanksgiving yesterday. Lots of stuffing faces happened everywhere, I'm sure. I tried to keep down my amount though. Seriously I am sick of having a fat belly. I'm relying on basketball heavily to get a lot of it off. Who knows where that will end up. Speaking of basketball, we have our season opener tomorrow against East Canton. We have a good chance to beat them, but they have just a good of chance for them to beat us. I'm anxious, but nervous...its an inbetween feeling, i guess. I don't mean to brag, but my game has been on recently the past few weeks. Like I make my shots now, and I'm becoming more aggressive when it comes to defense and rebounds. I guess we'll see how that all works out tomorrow.

My sister just a little over three weeks until she comes home. I am super super super super super duper excited. December 15th can't come soon enough. I know she is thinking the same thing. Its a whole sisters-that-could-pass-for-twins telepathy thing. I feel bad, though. I haven't been doing much to keep in touch with her. I'm just not a very social internet person. I will probably hear it when she comes home. It will be worth it. Plus, she has told me she will let me driver her car/go kart. Exciting stuff!!!

I've remodeled my myspace. I put pictures on it and a sweet new layout. The whole sha-bang! I have also found a link to finally watch Twilight on the internet. Ok so its pirated....and illegal. But does this face look like its care : | No! Actually it reminds me of a constipated look. Oh well, good enough. I don't care. I need my dose of Twilight ok?! I'm going through withdrawl. Hyperventilating...everything. Also, I've discovered a new band Hey Monday. I adore their music. They remind me of Paramore only a bit less mild though. They still are really good.

Christmas is less than a month away. The spirit of it is already getting to me. Its great. I love Christmas! I wish they wouldn't put up ads and decor and shows so early though. But oh well. Tiredness has just struck me. I'm out for the night.

You're the direction I follow to get home

Everything You Want

Stupid belt.

This belt I am wearing, the little metal part keeps going through like the place where it should stop. Idk its frustrating me.

I just caught up with all of my sister's doings in Africa. I still can't believe that's her doing all of that stuff I read about. It's going to be crazy hearing about all this when she gets home...in like a month.

I'm very irritable right now too. My little nephews are here. They're cute and all, but they drive me up the wall. I love them still though. And then texting [no matter how dumb it seems] will get to me a lot. Like as soon as I put my phone down, I get another one. I hate texting without a keyboard. Its freakin annoying!

School is school. I hate it, but I deal with it. Volleyball is over with, but basketball starts. Oh joy. Here comes another season where we look really good pre-season, but suck when it comes to the actual, well...season. All because of the douchebag coach we have. He doesn't know shit. It's ridiculous.

Twilight comes out in like 5 days!!!!!! I am so so so so so excited. It's like mass chaos. I'm making a Jacob/Bella video right now, while I wait to get the last and final book off of Marina. Anyway, back to the movie. I can't go to the midnight premiere because of my mom! I am so frustrated that I can't. I want to see it so bad! Its going to be just amazing. It's kind of ironic actually. I started out thinking I'd hate, but I read the books and AH! I am in love with it.

I miss my Kentucky friends! =( I want to see them soon, but that soon may not be till New Years. That will be fun if I convince my mom to go though! =)

In other news...I got my permit! I am officially legal. I can drive anywhere, anytime....with a parent or guardian over the age of 21. Its still awesome, though. I about hit a deer today, but my super sharp sense of sight stopped me from actually hitting the doe. I'm a lifesaver. =)

Well I need to talk to someone.
Bye loves.

Now you're here and you don't know why...

All About Us

People can suck it if they don't like me not updating enough. But I am now. I have always had time its just that I may never choose to. But I'll choose to tonight.

I am in very good mood. We won our sectional and now we're going to be versing Monroe Central Tuesday at Cambridge. They honestly look like they suck. They are nowhere as good as they were last year. I still don't see why people think we're going to get beat by them. I just think they haven't seen Monroe play. Well...we'll show them. regionals here we come.

I have just finished the second book in the Twilight saga, New Moon. It is fantastic. I have become another victim of Stephanie Meyer's spell. These books are amazing...that is if your into the whole teen romance genre with vampire mixed into it. But its not all gross or schmooshy and all that nonsense. There is a perfect balance between action, romance, and some other stuff. The books are really good, and I suggest reading them. It will be worth your time.

Me and Stephen broke up last Sunday. but got back together Monday night. We honestly were a mess. I don't even remember Monday. I was just so like out of it. It was horrible. But we're doing so so much better now on a brighter note. I wish I knew the exact date Colleen is coming back from Africa so I could have a whole countdown thing going on here. I'll do something about it later.

School is school. My classes aren't really too bad. I have the highest grade in German I. That makes me proud. The class that usually makes or breaks my day is College Prep English II. Its not so much the class as it is the teacher. She is just too like...neat. She has to have everything in a certain order or she goes nuts. I mean don't get me wrong she is nice and all, but she is just crazy. Sometimes its ok and sometimes I just want to scream. Its aggravating having it first period too.

Well i'm done for the night.


Grandma Olive.

We love you and we miss you.

We now know you are watching over all of us as you always have been.

We are glad you are with your brothers and sisters again and that you are in a better place.

We have all had great memories with you and ones we'll always remember.

I love you Grandma.

xoxo, Shannon

We were ones so strong.

New Hair

Schedule for the week.
School. Volleyball. Homework. School. Volleyball. Homework. Sleep. School. Volleyball. Home. Sleep. School. Volleyball. Homework. School. Volleyball. Sleep. Homework.

But somewhere in there, I found a place to get my hair cut and re-colored. The final product:



All Fall Down

I'm wanting to get back into blogging. But I can't and won't make any promises to my avid reader/s.

It's a Sunday and it means school is back on tomorrow. At least it finally is for the rest of Ohio and northern Kentucky, I think. The wind storm hit Louisville first., which my boyfrann and friends live, knocking out 95% of their power which meant no school for them that Monday. I was jealous as hell but then we got our own dose of it as well. We didn't have school Monday and Tuesday, but weren't supposed to have it Wednesday either. But our superintendent is a jackass. Louisville was without power for mostly a week. Jealous much? Oh yeah. Although, they do have to make it up at the end of the school year.

My sister is in Africa and she is a celebrity pretty much. Her toilet situation sucks though along with the overall hygiene over there. I call her crazy, but ambitious. Whatever floats her boat. But I'm glad she has gotten to do it after waiting this whole time.

I watched Ballet Shoes twice last night which we rented from the fab Red Box. I love it. It's a period about these three orphans who aspire to follow their dreams, even as a poor family. It makes me really want to be an actress. I talked to my mom and we both had the same idea as to go for the school play. So for the past 18 hours, every time I've been on the internet, I have looked at acting classes and such in Canton and around. I really want to do it.

Volleyball has been pretty good. My blocking seems to get better and better every game along with my hitting. I like the coach as well. We just need a better student section. Oh well.

I'm out.

Whenver your world starts crashing down that's when you find me

Our Time is Here

Three weeks I haven't updated. One reason - school.
I get up at 6:15 am, get ready, go to school, volleyball till about 5 [for practice]/ volleyball till about 8:30 [for a game], home, homework. And then some free time. And lately I decided not to use my free time to write on here but I will for once.

This isn't a long one nor a very good one because i'm tired.
in fact i'll fill you in on my life another day. hopefully this weekend.

till then.

Get Back

 School starts tomorrow. Those words came way too soon. Summer doesn't last forever, unfortunatly. I am not even wanting it like I usually do. I was crazy for wanting it even then. I love how I am spending though my last day of summer lounging around doing absolutly nothing!

Looking back, though, I've had a very eventful summer. I left my home for Louisville, KY for a whole month, went to a Jonas Brothers concert [will comment on it later], painted the tressel, and a lot more. I don't regret any of it at all either! I think the month in Louisville is now making me feel like I still have one more month. But I don't have 13 hours.

We painted the tressel last night/this morning. It started out horribly bad when Aliv got picked up for speeding on 800. Luckily, I went with Nicole instead of waiting. So then we went to Calli's to explain and finally left for Sarah's 10 minutes later. 10 minutes after that Aliv pulls into the driveway. She got off with a warning but the three of them [Aliv, Lauren, and Kyra] were still a bit shaky. And of course being the volleyball team we are, Aliv half yells at Allie, which makes her retort back throw in everyone's opinion-it equals a huge argument. We finally settled down and headed out. I was with Ariel and Allie in Ariel's truck and we got to the cornfield first. We immediatly asked how? We knew Sarah's van had to pick up paint, but didn't know about Calli's car. But they came. We walked the tracks out to the path to get down. The path was steep making us slide down on our butts. We finally got down there and started.
After bodies and clothes getting covered with paint, the final product looks bad ass.

We hit up Denny's afterwards which was like 4:00. The place was still pretty busy and there were some weird people. We took pictures with this random waiter [Dick..lmfao] and the Canton Thunder [?] football team. It was an extremely fun night though even if we didn't get back to Sarah's till 5:30. This has completely screwed over my sleeping schedule.

Now the Jonas Brothers' concert. IT WAS FREAKIN AMAZING! It seemed forever until they took the stage, but when they did Blossom broke out in screams like no other...including mine. Everyone screamed out the lyrics to every song. It was just great! The atmosphere was fantastic and I could still see them even from the lawn. Gah! It's a night I'm never going to forget. I'm going to actually get seats next year though when they come around. I loved every bit of it!!! : ] : ] : ]

I now have 12 hours and 46 minutes till summer is over. I'm going out and making the best of it.


I wanna get back to the old days..